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Make the most out of your storage space. Just two high-density Drawer Cabinets with custom-configured compartments store the same amount of inventory as five open standard shelving units. Making the most of your storage space saves you money.

Inventory is given specific, identifiable locations, all within easy reach and in full view, meaning fast, efficient retrieval. This allows resources to be redeployed to other areas within the facility for greater productivity and throughput.

Enclosed cabinet storage safeguards against dust, dirt, damage, and loss with locked and secure drawers- your sensitive and expensive inventory are never compromised.

As your storage requirements evolve, Vidmar can provide flexible modular storage solutions that can be infinitely expanded as your needs change.

All the parts are in one place, and the inventory can be securely locked. Everything is easier and faster to locate and having the drawers adjustable as needs change is a real benefit.

Cabinet Work centers/ Toolboxes are available for Automotive and Truck Repair, Tool and Die Management, CNC Prototyping & Machining, Robotic Testing Cells, Metal Fabrication.

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