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Wall Storage Systems

Make any workspace work. The Storage Wall® system’s combination of Modular components such as drawers, roll-out trays, shelves, and doors means you can store small and large parts together and have easy access to both. It also means easily accommodating diverse items as your needs evolve.

In addition to full use of available ceiling height, Lista Storage Wall® systems give you maximum weight and cubic volume capacity. Their all-Steel construction also supports Mezzanine configuration.

Full- and shallow-depth footprint options are ideal for storing a variety of large and small items in areas where aisle and floor space is critical and vertical space will be utilized.

You won’t find a more efficient or versatile way to add storage and organization to satisfy your specific application. With the Lista Storage Wall® system, the largest and smallest items can be stored near one another in a logical, easily accessible way. Unlike convention shelving, not an inch of space is wasted.

Save Space & Money

  •  instead of building an addition to your existing facility or moving, invest in a high-density storage system. This will optimize your investments.

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