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Vertical Motorized Carousel

Vertical storage solutions Tower

VIDMAR™ AND VIDMAR™TOWER XL™ configurations offer you a choice of performance and capacity for your storage needs. Tower-series storage solutions cover a range of module capacities, drawer capacities, vertical and horizontal speeds, and picking bay styles.

  • Save more than 75% of your floor space

  • Improve efficiency with faster part and tool retrieval

  • Reduce labor with increased throughput rates

  • Increase picking accuracy

  • Minimize reaching, bending, and searching

  • Improve inventory control

  • Increase your bottom line.

VIDMAR® MOTORIZED CAROUSEL maximizes vertical space, provides quick, easy access to hard-to-reach inventory, and offers complete load containment.

  • One person Operation- Safely and easily rotate the shelves, locate the desired inventory item.

  • Increased Safety- When the machine does the heavy lifting for you.

  • Higher Efficiency-Visible organized inventory increases picking accuracy and faster picks per day per person.

  • Security and Loss Prevention- Prevent unauthorized retrieval and use of the machine with an access keypad.

  • Can best be used for - Tire Storage, Parts Inventory, Wire on Spools, Print Material, rolled goods.

  • Check out “VIDMAR® LIFETIME GUARANTEE, with terms and conditions.



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